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   After the WWII, some Japanese pioneers in the rocket areas who earnestly worked in hopes of advance/development of aeronautical and space science and technology even the activities in aerospace industries were prohibited by the occupation policy. They finally achieved the successful observation of the upper atmosphere by the rocket in the year of International Earth Observation in 1957.
Those researchers who had participated in this project gathered together to establish Japanese Rocket Society for aiming at contribution to advanced and to development of space and astronautical science and technology in 1956. This society is the oldest space and astronautical academic organization in Japan, and characterized by its activities based on free ideas with no constrain.

Domestic activities

   We conducted the rocket experiments in the past. After that, the activities of the society expanded widely and developed as a specialist organization through lectures, observation tours, and publishing journals for exchanging information and researches. In 1959, we hosted the 1st ISRA. It is now gain the reputation for the domestic symposium, International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS), held every 2years.

Overseas activities

   The JRS’s recognized the importance of international cooperation in aerospace activities, the JRS joined in a member of International Aerospace Foundation (IAF), and dispatch to its annual assembly. Also, our former-chairman, Tomifumi Godai was appointed as a first Asian IAF chairman and our former-chairman, Hiroki Matsuo was appointed as an IAA vice-president. Furthermore, we hold the ISCOPS concurrently with AAS and CSA. In 1992 of the ISY, we supported the first planning session promoted by both the Japanese and American politicians.

The lasting pioneer spirit

   Not only rocket specialists but also researchers and engineers from wide range of fields in aerospace engineering activities gather together in JRS. Space is an explored area where human’s dream may come true, while almost the all things are unknown to us. Our society believes to create various progressive ideas, which inherit the spirit in our pioneer days, by many professionals, accomplishing a concrete scheme.

Activities of JRS

  1. Holding the lectures, annual assembly/special lecture

    Commemorate project/awarding honorary fellow/special lecture
    Co-hosting International Space Conference of Pacific-basin Societies (ISCOPS)
    Supporting ISTS

  2. Publishing journals

    Rocket News…monthly periodicals
    Journals of Science and Technology of Space (JSTS)…twice a year
    Monograph… occasionally (with fee)

  3. Collecting literature and information

    Accept donation periodicals and publications by the relevant bodies from home and abroad.

  4. Domestically and Internationally relevant societies

    Coordination with the space-related societies
    Exchange information with IAF
    Participating the general assembly
    Notice of the annual research convention and the related lectures
    The council with AAS and CSA

  5. The transmission of information by Internet about our activities (regularly undated)


Administration officer of general affairs
Hiroto Habu


  • シンポジウム : 13th ISCOPS情報 (開催終了)
  • 一般会員様向け情報 2012年度 年次総会ご案内 (開催終了)

What's new

2012/10/21 会長コラム掲載(ロケットニュースより) 出来事欄(庶務のつぶやき)更新しました
2011/04/21 ISCOPS情報更新
2011/12/08 13th ISCOPS:12/22申込み締切
2011/10/14 55周年記念総会の日程お知らせ


Japanese Rocket Society 会長 稲谷芳文


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